Rebels with a cause: the double denim riders bike for a better future

As you may know by now, Swapfiets is here to stay. We care deeply about durability and luckily, we’re not the only ones. Besides our love for blue, we share the same values, goals, and aspirations as the iconic jeans brand Levi’s®.

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Levi’s® lives by the mantra: ‘buy better, wear longer’. Just like us, they’re always on the go and looking out for ways to improve their brand. Levi’s® designs its denim using long-lasting materials and offers a repair service in their Levi’s® Tailor Shops. That’s right up our alley. You can’t buy our bikes because we believe less owning leads to less overconsumption. So, we’ve teamed up with Levi’s® to ride together. Two worlds collided and that’s why we now proudly introduce - drumroll please -.... the Double Denim Riders.

The Double Denim Riders are the faces of this partnership. These riders are rebels with a cause, ready to take over Amsterdam and Berlin decked out fully in Levi’s® denim and equipped with a Swapfiets. They’re on a mission to spread the importance of durability by using bikes and gear that are here to stay.

They have more in store than cool looks alone though. Together, we form a movement. The Double Denim Riders share the philosophy of making better and smarter choices. Our riders have an insatiable eagerness to reduce overconsumption. Most of all though, they all have the desire to ride along with you - for a better future.

Are you ready to ride and are you not a Swapfiets member yet? Join our Double Denim Riders in their mission and get a limited edition upcycled-denim bike bag made by refugees at Bridge & Tunnel. It’s filled with extra bike-gifts and a denim repair kit. Oh, and a discount, of course.. Simply go into a Levi’s® store, spend €75 and get 1 month free on your Swapfiets membership. It’s that easy!

After your purchase at the Levi's® store you get one month free on a 3 month Swapfiets membership. This means €42 off the Deluxe 7 and €110 off the Power 7 + no sign-on fee for either. You’re welcome.

Ride together - For the future.

About Swapfiets

Swapfiets is het eerste fietsabonnement ter wereld.
Opgericht in Nederland in 2014, werd de scale-up al snel één van de leiders in micromobiliteit in Europa, met intussen meer dan 220.000 gebruikers in België, Nederland, Denemarken, Duitsland, Italië, Frankrijk en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. In de lente van 2021 zal Swapfiets uitbreiden naar Barcelona (Spanje), Wenen (Oostenrijk), Lyon, Nantes, Straatsburg en Toulouse (Frankrijk).

Het concept is eenvoudig: voor een vast bedrag per maand krijg je een altijd werkende fiets of een andere e-mobility oplossing, helemaal voor jezelf. Je kan altijd op Swapfiets rekenen. Gaat er iets kapot? Je belt, mailt, gaat langs in de winkel of plant een afspraak in via de Swapfiets-app. Swapfiets belooft je fiets of andere tweewieler kosteloos te repareren of swappen tegen een werkend exemplaar, binnen de 48 uur.

Swapfiets startte in 2018 in België en heeft vandaag bijna 13.000 abonnees in ons land, verspreid over Antwerpen, Gent, Mechelen, Leuven en Brussel.
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