Swapfiets x TJV Q&A

We caught up with Team Jumbo-Visma to chat about what drives them, inspires them and get the inside scoop on some of their favourite cycling routes. Read on! 👉

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Q: Cycling at world-class level is extremely challenging. Who inspires you to keep moving when the going gets tough?

Wout & Steven: My family.

Robert: My family. Daisy and the kids, Anne & Bram are always there to support me and love to come watch the race when possible or join me for a trip abroad.

Tony: I don't need anybody to inspire me. It's just in my nature to give my best once I start something.

Sepp: My parents and girlfriend inspire me to keep going because they always support and believe in me.

Mike: My girlfriend and my family.

Q: As world-class athletes, your team has cycled some of the best roads in the world. What’s your dream cycling route?

Wout: Paris Roubaix of course.

Robert: One day I would like to cycle through Japan from South to North. And Patagonia. And the Pacific NorthWest. And Maybe Australia again. Many dreams still... 😜

Tony: I love the roads in Mallorca next to the ocean the most. I still haven’t managed to make one full lap around the island, so that's still a goal! 😉

Sepp: My dream cycling route is something adventurous in a new place!

Mike: The cobbles from Paris Roubaix.

Steven: Anywhere in The Dolomites.

Q: What's your favourite song to get you geared up for a big race?

Wout: Eminem - Without Me

Robert: The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Tony: I only listen to music before a time trial. It's always different songs. Mostly it's Techno.

Sepp: Travis Scott - 90210

Mike: 2 brothers on the 4th floor - Never Alone

Steven: Meduza - Paradise

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