Swooning with Swap: our greatest love stories

Here at Swapfiets, we’re suckers for love. To us, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to collect the most beautiful love stories from our members and colleagues. Corny? Maybe. Heartwarming? You bet.

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Traffic lights romance

We must start this blog with the story of our colleague Hanna. She met her husband while waiting at the traffic lights with her bike while on her way to meet up with friends. A guy stopped beside her with his bike and invited her to an after-party. He just came from a festival and was in full-on party mode. We can think of a thousand reasons never to go home with a complete stranger you meet at a traffic light, but Hanna followed her gut feeling. And thank god she did. Though the after-party wasn’t that spectacular, their love was even more. Since their romance started on a bike, it was only fitting their wedding guests had to be transported from location to location by bike. So Hanna did what she had to do. She arranged Swap bikes for all of their guests so they could travel in style. You can imagine what a cheerful parade that was. And now Hanna and Rob live happily ever after… swoon.

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Everlasting love

Surprising the love of your life with a box of chocolates? We’d never decline, though we must admit it’s hardly original. If you really want to surprise your lover, be like the guy who figured his girlfriend really could do with a new bike. His girl’s history with broken bikes was so unlucky though, he decided to think of an alternative. Of course, a Swapfiets membership was the only right answer. When the Swapfiets team heard about his plans, we just had to grab the opportunity to write his girl Rosa a Sinterklaas poem including a chocolate letter. We’re quite sure the love between Rosa and her Swapfiets will be an everlasting one.

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Not all heroes wear capes

The story of Thieu proves that not all heroes wear capes. He was working at a Swapfiets warehouse when he looked up and saw a girl with a red bike crossing the street. Strange, he thought, because the warehouse wasn’t exactly situated in an idyllic neighborhood where people usually go for walks. He noticed her flat tire and walked over to the girl to ask if she needed any help with her bike. Her response: ‘You probably can’t, because this is a Swapfiets lease bike’. Boy, little did she know. Thieu fixed her front wheel on the spot and also lubricated her chain so she could get home safe, sound, and smooth. Later on, she sends Thieu a lovely thank you-card. Unfortunately, they didn’t end up married, but take this as a reminder that doing good also feels pretty good.

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