City guide: discover London’s coolest neighborhood with Swapfiets

Let’s be fair: a bike isn’t exactly the first vehicle that comes to mind when visiting London. Tourists and visitors usually cramp themselves in the tube, take thousands of pics of themselves in a double-decker bus, or spend half their holiday budget on taxi rides. Seasoned Londoners know there’s a different way to go. On their Swapfiets, the road racers know where to find the best spots in the city. We’re here to spill the tea so you can join the ride.

And because London can be quite overwhelming by bike, we stick to the coolest neighborhood there is - Shoreditch.

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The Breakfast Club Hoxton

Shoreditch is home to the London hipster. The neighborhood is packed with cool pop-up stores, cutting-edge fashion, and Banksy art. To start your day of biking on the right foot, you’ll need a hearty breakfast. Go for the full monty with bacon, sausages, and eggs, or pick a stack of pancakes if you’ve got more of a sweet tooth. The Breakfast Club Hoxton has got you covered.

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Boxpark Shoreditch

Boxpark Shoreditch is exactly where you need to be when looking for a cool present (for yourself). Here you will find more than fifty carefully curated shops with fashion and lifestyle brands. There’s also quite an impressive range of street food. Perfect when you’re ready for your second breakfast of the day.

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Brick lane

When you’re in Boxpark, Brick Lane is just a few pedal strokes away. This quirky street is a must-visit if you’re the kind who is always on the hunt for vintage treasures. In addition to the many vintage shops, you’ll even find a permanent vintage market over here. Perfect if you’re on the lookout for an original festival outfit or a rare vinyl record.

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White Chapel Gallery

If you’re into art and fancy something different than the usual museums, you can indulge yourself at White Chapel Gallery. Check out the website for the most current exhibitions - though we’re sure you’ll always run into something interesting at this place.

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Light Bar & Restaurant

Shoreditch used to be known as Hipster HQ. Nowadays London’s coolest neighborhood offers places to eat that offer way more than the hipster cliches. If you do want to mingle with the in-crowd, it’s only a short bike ride to the Light Bar & Restaurant. This former power station is transformed into a restaurant filled with brick walls and industrial windows across three floors. The menu can be described best as a mish-mash of traditional British food combined with East Asian and Italian influences. Think half roast chicken with curry sauce and chips. Don’t forget to treat yourself to an exquisite cocktail after a day of biking without causing any accidents.

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