Behind the scenes - How the new Power 7 e-Bike was born

An interview with our Product Manager Luuk

Swapfiets Power 7 2.0 e-Bike | Photo:
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Swapfiets Power 7 2.0 e-Bike | Photo:

It’s all about going faster and further, with ease and in style. That’s what our goal was for the new 7-gear Swapfiets e-Bike - the Power 7. An e-Bike is for everyone, at every age and it should be accessible for everyone, everywhere. Luuk, our Product Manager tells us all about the process for designing the Power 7.

What inspired you to create a Swapfiets e-Bike?

At Swapfiets, we believe that cycling is the best way to travel and we aim to get as many people as possible on a qualitative bike. However, we realise that some distances can feel a bit too long to cycle. In those cases, people often decide to drive and leave their bike at home. An e-Bike is a great alternative for those long distances and motivates you to skip the car and hop on your e-Bike instead. Less effort, more speed!

Why did you decide to name the e-Bike ‘Power 7’?

One of our main goals when creating the e-Bike, was to make it very powerful. It had to be super safe and extremely strong with the power to knock your socks off. So once we created the e-Bike, it was clear that there was just one word that did it justice: Power! The number 7 is often seen as a positive and lucky number and the e-Bike has seven gears.

Looking at the Power 7, what are you most proud of?

It’s amazing that we managed to create an e-Bike that steps away from the image that most e-Bikes have. Some people associate e-Bikes with an older and possibly more boring crowd that might be less mobile or into seemingly dull activities. I feel that we definitely combated that image by creating an e-Bike that looks and feels: young and cool. The Power 7 is definitely suited to all generations!

Lastly, could you sum up why you think everyone should get a Power 7?

Of course! That’s easy. The Power 7 has a maximum speed of 25km/h and a range of 100 kilometers, which makes it extremely suitable for longer distances and people that live inside as well as outside of the city. The battery is integrated in the e-Bike’s frame, but can easily be removed so you can charge it at home! This is perfect for people living in busy cities without access to a shed or driveway where they can charge their e-Bike. Besides its power and endurance, the Power 7 is also strong and comfortable. The aluminium frame doesn’t allow rust, and the anti-puncture tyres support super smooth cycling. Swapfiets is all about good and fair subscriptions, so, naturally, our e-Bike is also only available as a subscription. It’s a top-of-the-line e-Bike with the newest technical features, so this is a chance for anyone to own a high-end e-Bike for a fraction of the normal purchase costs.

We created a sleek and powerful e-Bike suited to a broad audience. Why not have it all? Style, speed and simplicity in the most efficient e-Bike for €75 a month. Sign up for your very own Power 7 now.

About Swapfiets

Swapfiets is 's werelds eerste ‘bicycle as a service’ bedrijf. Opgericht in 2014 in Nederland, groeide de scale-up snel uit tot een van de meest toonaangevende leveranciers van micromobiliteit in Europa, met inmiddels meer dan 250.000 leden in Nederland, Duitsland, België, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Italië en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. In het voorjaar van 2021 breidt Swapfiets uit naar Barcelona (Spanje), Wenen (Oostenrijk) en Lyon, Nantes, Straatsburg en Toulouse (Frankrijk).

Het concept van Swapfiets is vrij eenvoudig: voor een maandelijks vast bedrag hebben Swapfiets-leden altijd een werkende fiets. En zijn er onverhoopt problemen, dan wordt de tweewieler binnen 48 uur gerepareerd of direct vervangen zonder extra kosten. Swapfiets is in Nederland beschikbaar in meer dan 50 steden.

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