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  • It was love at first ride!

    Here at Swapfiets, we’re suckers for love. To us, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to collect the most beautiful love stories from our Swappers. Corny? Maybe. Heartwarming? You bet.

  • On the road to 100% circularity (2)

    Swapfiets encourages the world to adopt a new way of thinking and using – through circularity. Our first ‘behind the scenes’ blog in a series of three showed that design plays a crucial role in thi...

  • On our way to a 100% circular Swapfiets!

    Swapfiets has an ambitious new goal: to achieve a 100% circular product line by 2025. We haven’t reached this goal yet, but we know what needs to be done to make it happen. With this one-pager, we...

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