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  • On the road to 100% circularity (2)

    Swapfiets encourages the world to adopt a new way of thinking and using – through circularity. Our first ‘behind the scenes’ blog in a series of three showed that design plays a crucial r...

  • On our way to a 100% circular Swapfiets!

    Swapfiets has an ambitious new goal: to achieve a 100% circular product line by 2025. We haven’t reached this goal yet, but we know what needs to be done to make it happen. With this one...

  • On the road to 100% circularity

    Swapfiets is on a mission. Not just to provide our members with an environmentally friendly way to navigate the world, crush our collective carbon footprint, have fewer cars on the road o...

  • Ride to thrive

    For many of us in Europe, cycling comes naturally. But we’re aware that not everyone has the privilege of a sturdy bike as a means of transport. We want to help change that.

  • Blue tire mystery at Tour de France revealed

    Team Jumbo-Visma and Swapfiets jointly promote cycling in daily life. World-class race as unique opportunity to highlight why cycling is good for people and the environment. Swapcars con...

  • Swapfiets x TJV Q&A

    We caught up with Team Jumbo-Visma to chat about what drives them, inspires them and get the inside scoop on some of their favourite cycling routes. Read on! 👉

  • Blue tires, green ambitions.

    Swapfiets wants to build a better future for everyone. We started by reinventing what bicycle usage could look like, and now we’re stepping up our game by committing to run our business i...

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