Swapfiets’ Sustainable Gift Guide, 2021

This year, give the gift of sustainability!

We want the world to adopt more conscious shopping habits and help everyone buy less and use more. So to inspire you to shop better this year, we’ve put together a sustainable gift guide to help you not only give the ones you love something this Christmas, but the planet too.

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1. Sustainable drinking bottle

8 million tons of plastic waste make their way into our oceans every year. This plastic does not decompose ever. It just breaks down in smaller pieces. Meet the reusable bottle that is putting single-use water bottles out of business. Dopper’s bottles on a mission come in a variety of materials, colours and models. So, no matter your style or how you drink your water, there is a Dopper for you!

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2. Reusable bamboo cutlery set

Have a foodie friend? Help them reduce their waste and give plastic the boot in 2022 with this sleek cutlery set. This is a great reminder to try to reduce your waste over the Christmas period, too. Opt for reusable cutlery, plates and napkins when hosting events this year. Have a look at Lauren Singer’s site trashisfortossers.com for other great finds, tips & tricks.

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3. Upcycled tech

Buying for a tech-head? Instead of choosing a brand new product, try a refurbished version instead. Refurbished tech has a much smaller carbon footprint than new products, and depending on which you get, are just as ‘new’ seeming as actual new ones. Try Backmarket.com for great deals on Apple, Samsung and other digital brands.

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4. Beeswax candles

Save electricity… light a candle! Brighten up a friend or family member’s holiday with a luxe beeswax candle. Beeswax candles are infused with a natural, honey-sweet scent and have a super long burn time - some up to 12hrs!

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5. Oversized hoodie made from natural fibers

Christmas time is cosy time. Help someone rug up with a comfy, oversized hoodie from a sustainable clothing company like Aussie hemp brand afends.com. Or, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t need to be shipped across the world, opt for a brand closer to home that offers products with natural fibres and a commitment to the planet, like thepangaia.com.

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6. Good & gifted jewellery

Jewellery that’s beautiful on the inside and out, yes please! Jewellery from Stilnest is produced locally, made with recycled materials, and designed with a passion for creativity and craftsmanship. We like what we see!

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7. A Swapfiets membership!

You didn’t think we’d leave this off the list, did you!? Give the gift of freedom (without the fossil fuels) this year. Our memberships range from simple, granny-style bikes to fully fledged e-Bikes for the intrepid traveller. There’s a blue front tire out there for everyone and every budget. Ride on!

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Happy holidays!

About Swapfiets

Swapfiets is the world’s first ‘bicycle as a service’ company. Founded 2014 in the Netherlands, the scale-up quickly developed being one of the leading micro mobility providers in Europe with 250.000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and UK. The concept of Swapfiets is quite simple: For a monthly subscription fee, Swapfiets members receive a fully functional bicycle or e-mobility solution for their own use. If needed, a repair service is available within 48 hours to repair or directly swap the two-wheeler at no additional cost.

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