Data is king: How swapfiets uses data for (your) good

Oh yes, we provide our members with a working Swapfiets for a fixed monthly fee. Besides that, we’re obsessed with data and committed to using this as a force for good. We offer the ultimate bike membership and are a circular data driven tech company at the same time. The best of both worlds, right? Behind the scenes we process tons of data, alg...

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Swapfiets strive to keep Paris moving

Dutch bike subscription brand Swapfiets is offering free trials to help Parisians cope with this week’s public transport strike.

Swapfiets makes a power move

Dutch bike brand launches game-changing new e-bike

Swapfiets tires go full circle

Swapfiets is partnering with Italian tire company Vittoria to improve performance and extend the lifespan of their popular electric bikes.

Blue tire mystery at Tour de France revealed

Team Jumbo-Visma and Swapfiets jointly promote cycling in daily life. World-class race as unique opportunity to highlight why cycling is good for people and the environment. Swapcars con...

Swapfiets aims to have fully circular bicycles by 2025

Recently ranked by Financial Times as the 10th fastest-growing company in Europe 2021, the world’s first ‘bicycle as a service’ company Swapfiets announces its ambition to become more sus...

Swapfiets expands to two new markets and 6 cities

On its mission to lead the movement to more liveable cities, that are greener, healthier, safer and more social for everyone, Dutch bicycle subscription Swapfiets is announcing plans to f...

Easy, breezy, e-Bike

We might be biased, but E-bikes are so good. What is better than arriving at your destination? Easy. Arriving at your destination faster, easier and less sweaty! Luckily, we have what it ...

Rebels with a cause: the double denim riders bike for a better future

As you may know by now, Swapfiets is here to stay. We care deeply about durability and luckily, we’re not the only ones. Besides our love for blue, we share the same values, goals, and as...

Swapfiets Sustainability Report 2021

Wow. 2021 has been quite the ride (and that is an understatement)! Yes, our team was living and working in pandemic times and doing everything within our power to serve our members. At th...

City guide: discover London’s coolest neighborhood with Swapfiets - Shoreditch

Let’s be fair: a bike isn’t exactly the first vehicle that comes to mind when visiting London. Tourists and visitors usually cramp themselves in the tube, take thousands of pics of themse...

Swapfiets' founder Richard on his ride to more livable cities

At Swapfiets, we believe that bikes are the key to a more liveable city. The theme 'liveable cities' is practically the beating heart of everything we do. The leader of the movement is Sw...

City guide: Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those places that has everything. City life, beaches, culture, neighborhoods for endless wandering, good food on every corner of the street, and bars that are open fro...

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