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Swapfiets tires go full circle

Swapfiets is partnering with Italian tire company Vittoria to improve performance and extend the lifespan of their popular electric bikes.

Swapfiets is expanding in Europe

Swapfiets, known as the monthly bicycle subscription with the iconic blue front tire, is aiming to become the leading micro mobility membership brand. Today, the company announced its pla...

On the road to 100% circularity (duplicate)

Swapfiets is on a mission. Not just to provide our members with an environmentally friendly way to navigate the world, crush our collective carbon footprint, have fewer cars on the road o...

We’re making power moves.

Everybody's going somewhere. But these days, we all want to get there quicker. And easier. And without doing more to destroy the planet. Naturally, the demand for e-Bikes has never been g...

Ride to thrive

For many of us in Europe, cycling comes naturally. But we’re aware that not everyone has the privilege of a sturdy bike as a means of transport. We want to help change that.

Swapfiets x TJV Q&A

We caught up with Team Jumbo-Visma to chat about what drives them, inspires them and get the inside scoop on some of their favourite cycling routes. Read on! 👉

Blue tires, green ambitions.

Swapfiets wants to build a better future for everyone. We started by reinventing what bicycle usage could look like, and now we’re stepping up our game by committing to run our business i...

Don’t be square. Be circular.

One way we stimulate circularity is through our membership model, which gives you full access to top of the line, custom designed & built bikes as if they were your own. Because we design...

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