Swapfiets Deluxe 7: the luxurious city bike.

Who doesn’t want an always working bike? We do! That's why our bikes are always made of the highest quality so that you can cycle hassle free. A reliable bike saves everyone time, money and hassle.

What many people don't know is that we design our bikes ourselves. Also, all bike parts are selected based on our usage data. We are constantly working on optimising the quality of our bikes. This way we make sure you always have the best bike. We have 3 bike models:  The Original, Deluxe 7 and the Power 7 e-bike. The same goes for each bike: we want it to always work! This week we will take a look at the design of the Deluxe 7.

Swapfiets Deluxe 7 Frame.
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Swapfiets Deluxe 7 Frame.

The frame: for all sizes.

All our frames are made of aluminium so that everyone can ride it for as long as possible.

We also have different frame sizes. So you are assured of a suitable bike for your height.

Framesize 49 cm (height: < 1.64 m)

Framesize 53 cm (height: 1.65 - 1.74 m)

Framesize 57 cm (height: > 1.75 m)

Bicycle pedals: extra strong, extra grip.

A bicycle pedal has two important tasks: getting the bike to move forward and to braking. That's why there's an extra layer of rubber on our pedals. This gives you extra grip and safety.

Swapfiets Deluxe 7 pedals.
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Swapfiets light: it always works.

Our Deluxe 7 bike has an always working light with the hub dynamo. So you always have that extra bit of safety! 

Swapfiets Deluxe 7 bike light.
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Wheels and tires: better and stronger.

  • A wider aluminium rim. The wheels of a Swapfiets are normally used for cargo bikes that have to carry a lot and can take a beating.
  • And every wheel needs: tires. The tires are anti-leak and extra strong so that sharp objects are less likely to reach the inner tube. So less likely to get a flat tire! Oh, and the front tire is blue. Super recognisable.

Swapfiets Deluxe 7 tire.
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Swapfiets Deluxe 7 tire.

Bicycle chain: anti-rust.

Extra strong anti-corrosion chain and easily accessible for our mechanics because of the open chain case. So you are less likely to wait at the side of the road with a loose chain. But if it does happen, it will be back on in no time!

7 Gears: for maximum endurance.

Also for the gears we have chosen for the highest quality. The Shimano gears are notorious in the cycling world and make it easy to get up and down steep bridges, streets or hills.

Brakes: hand- and coaster brake.

Reliable brakes for your safety. That way you can be sure you're braking on time.

Stickers: extra bike protection. 

Some spots on your bike are slightly more vulnerable to scratches and rust. For example, where you hang your lock around your bike. In these places we have placed stickers for protection. This way the paint stays beautiful for as long as possible.

Weight: lighter than most.

We get a lot of compliments about how light the Swapfiets bikes are. With a light bike you can steer easily, you are more flexible and you can put your bike in the upper bike rack with ease!

Swapfiets Deluxe 7.
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We hope that with this blog we've given you an insight in how we design our bikes. Quality is our number one priority. Want to know more about the Deluxe 7 and subscription options then check out our website!

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